Josie Model – Flashing her tits

Well well, here we go again, miss Josie Model is at it again and she gets to show off some more of her body for you once again. This time the lovely babe got to go out with her female buddies and she had a few drinks. Well, all was well until she got home and now she was feeling frisky too. She got horny a while back but she couldn’t really get wild and kinky with her buddies watching, so she had to wait until she got back home. Well she was here now, so she started up the camera all ready to get to play. And she didn’t even get out of her classy night outfit as you can see here. Let’s watch her get naughty and wild shall we?


The sweet and sexy babe takes her time to take off that pesky skirt off first. It’s not really comfy to spread your legs wide open with such a tight dress and once that was done, she gets to take a seat in her chair. As she spreads open her legs and lets you see her sexy black panties, perfectly emulating her skin, she also starts to lift up the shirt. And of course, underneath she reveals hat her perky and playful tits, were not wearing any bra and you could see them in all their glory. Take your time to have fun with her scene and we’ll bring you even more new galleries next week without fail. Also you might visit the site and see other beauties showing off their incredible body shapes! Bye bye everyone!

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