Josie Model – Let’s Play

Another fresh week and time to see some more of Josie Model this fine afternoon. Well, as you know, miss Josie’s little site is the best place to go to when you want to see a gorgeous little babe with an incredible body as she gets around to play kinky and tease you with her amazing curves. Today she’s up to her usual play session on camera and this time the cutie has another outfit to show off to you. Well as per usual it looks incredibly sexy and she knows she’s going to leave you with your jaw dropped too. Let’s get to see more in detail what this naughty and sexy outfit is composed of for the afternoon.


The outfit we were talking about is just a corset that goes up to her chest area, covering those perfect, natural, perky tits that she has. And besides that, she only had a pair of color matching panties on. As she does her regular parading around the room she soon takes off the corset, but she does so slowly, dragging it out as much as possible to. It loos just perfect as she’s trying to be a tease and of course, when it comes off, you get to enjoy a full view of her playing with her breasts again this afternoon. Have fun wit the scene and do check out some of cute Josie’s past scenes to see more of this cute woman in action everyone. Bye bye!

Enjoy watching the sexy blonde showing off her curves!