Josie Model – Long Walk Home

Welcome back everyone, once more the title is just perfect with what goes down in this Josie Model scene this afternoon. It’s fresh out of the oven as one might say and it’s pretty accurate with that as well as there was a pretty hot summer day outside today. Anyway, the sexy Josie gets to take a long and relaxing walk back home this afternoon. Like we said it was pretty sunny and Josie was pretty eager to go out and enjoy the warmth too. So the only thing that she got to wear underneath that pretty dress for her little walking trip, was her sexy panties. Of course, she started to get frisky and naughty so she had to make a little stop on the way back.

josie-model-long-walk-home With that stop you can guess what she intended to do. She wasn’t about to waste this sunny day to do some kinky posing outdoors too. It was just perfect for her to reveal some extra skin for you and we bet you’ll agree. Well watch her stop at a nearby tree and see her untying the top part of the dress that comes over the shouters. You get to watch her reveal those perky playful tits once again and she gets to fondle them as well. Midway through the session, the only thing left on her is her panties and you’re in for some more naughty posing as she shows off her sensual and sexy petite body for you today too. Take care for now and come visit her site again soon for more all new and all fresh updates like always. She’ll be seeing you then!

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